Friday, October 2, 2015

My tried & true tips « Hair, Skin & Nails

Friday, October 2, 2015
Hey guys! So I know there is so much information out there, and it can be really frustrating/confusing what to believe or what to try. I know this, and I have researched nearly every method out there, and tried things for myself. Here are my tried and true tips that I have done in the past couple months that has definitely made a noticeable positive impact on the health and appearance of my hair, skin + nails!

Biotin (high amount)
Benefit: hair, skin, & nails

This one is well known, but for good reason! I have tried biotin before and not noticed much difference, therefore I think the amount and quality is extremely important here. I take a supplement with 10,000 mcg biotin which you can get here. I take one a day with breakfast and I could tell after one week that my nails have never been so strong, and they have been growing faster than ever before in my life. I also attribute my healthy hair + skin improvement to this, however nail growth was what I noticed immediately!

Carrot juice 1c daily
Benefit: hair, skin, & nails

This one I have been doing for almost two weeks, with a few days missed here and there. Research shows that consuming carrot juice daily has the power to clear your skin, promote hair growth, increase energy, prevent disease, improve eyesight, and more! One cup hosts approximately 850% Vitamin A and a measly little 10g natural sugars. People also have reported on their skin developing a healthy "glow" and in some cases with over-consumption an orange tint! I have not seen the orange “glow” yet but my skin has looked more supple and my breakouts have greatly reduced.  I also attribute this to my healthier hair! Also, I notice a huge boost in energy when I consume this on an empty stomach as a snack, or first thing in the morning. It makes sense, since there is no fiber to slow the digestion, which means the natural vitamins are rapidly absorbed. Just another reason why I need to get a juicer, the hype is real folks!

Sulfate-free Argan oil shampoo
Benefit: hair

Argan oil is extremely good for your hair, similar to the ways coconut or olive oil is. I knew I had to switch from my chemical based shampoo to a sulfate free one that was more natural and nourishing to my hair. I did a little research and found this one by Maple Holistics on amazon which you can see here. It had rave reviews, and I can see why! So far while using it my hair has definitely been softer, shinier, and healthier looking. I massage this through my hair in the shower & leave it in for 5 minutes while I wash the rest of my body before rinsing it out.

Argan oil scalp massage
Benefit: hair

I also purchased pure organic argan oil which you can get here. I massage several drops of this throughout my wet or dry hair, concentrating on the ends, and being careful because too much will make your hair feel greasy. My ends feel and look more nourished & healthier! 

I have also been doing a argan oil scalp massage every other day or so, also known as the “inversion method”. You basically stimulate your scalp while laying upside-down and increase blood flow with nourishing oils in order to promote strong, healthy hair, thicker hair, and hair growth. It has gotten rave reviews and people have reported fast hair growth, thicker hair, and stronger hair within 7 days of doing this nightly. You can do this without oils as well. I lay upside own off the couch with my head towards the ground so that blood is slightly rushing to my scalp. I put 10-20 drops argan oil on my fingertips and massage my scalp firmly in circles for about 5 minutes. It is actually quite relaxing once you get the hang of it! You can find a lot of videos on Youtube demonstrating this, or click here for a descriptive step-by-step guide! It is suggested to perform this nightly to promote the fastest hair growth, but even doing it every so often can reap similar benefits. I do this to my hair the night before I plan to wash it (the next morning) so I go to bed with my head feeling greasy from all the oil but after washing it out the next day with my Argan oil shampoo my hair feels and looks like silk!

Wash hair every other day (or less!)
Benefit: hair  

I have always been pretty good about having at least one day in between washes. Lately I try to stretch it out even further such as every 2 days, at least once a week. When you wash your hair every day you strip your hair of all the nutrients and natural oils it needs in order to be healthy. This leads to breakage, brittle strands, dullness, and a dry scalp. You can actually train your hair to be less greasy with less washing! The more often you go more days in-between washes, the more your hair gets acclimated each time, and therefore produces less & less oil because it realizes it doesn't need to. Yes, the first day going longer without washing it may feel greasy, but just use a little dry shampoo and stick with it for a week. Quickly, your hair starts adapting and will be able to last a few days without getting greasy at-all! I have tried this, and it works.

Heat protectant spray + Serum
Benefit: hair

Aside from using argan oil, I will alternate between several argan oil or keratin based serums and a heat protectant spray. I like to mix a drop of each, a few spritz of heat protectant spray, and a couple drops of the argan oil all together in my palms and then massage it into my hair, concentrating on the ends but avoiding the scalp (weighs hair down + greasy). The serum and spray provide a slippery barrier between your hair and your heat tools, preventing breakage while also providing healthy nutrients to your hair.


That's a wrap! I hope you guys enjoy these tips, if you have any questions about any of the above don't hesitate to leave a comment below! I hope everyone has a fantastic weekend :)

What are your plans for the first weekend of October?
Do you have any great hair /skin/nail tips that have worked for you?
Have you tried any of the above tips?


  1. Great tips! I try every now and then to skip a day of washing my hair, but I have the type of hair that gets oily pretty fast. I might have to give it a try for a longer period of time to see if I can get some good results!

    1. Hey Lisa!

      I used to have hair that would get oily fast as well! The training method really works so well, this article explains how to do it really well, good luck! :)


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