Wednesday, September 30, 2015

WIAW #2 - Comfort food

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Happy hump day folks! I must say this week is flying by for me, which means its almost the weekend. I try to not wish the weeks away but the weather is so gloomy lately which totally puts a quite literal damper on everything. One thing that pairs well with gloomy weather? "Healthy" comfort food. Check out a full day of my eats with several meals that just scream "comfort!"

For those of you who don't know what it is, it is a post concept developed by the wonderful Peas And Crayons blog in which you simply post what you ate in any given day (not necessarily that Wednesday).
Enjoy :)

{ Oat bran + rolled oats cooked with unsweetened vanilla almond milk, sea salt, stevia, cinnamon, pumpkin pie spice, tsp coconut oil. Mango + banana mixed in. Topped with maple sunflower seed butter + peanut butter }

Ultimate comfort food! Excuse the unattractive photo :) Nothing like super creamy, warm oats topped with melty nut butter to start off a chilly morning. This vegan breakfast option fills me up comfortably, gives me energy, and satisfies my sweet cravings. Never gets old! 

{ Herb crusted baked salmon with lemon. Spring mix salad with tomatoes, cucumber, goats cheese + italian good seasons dressing added later }

{ Delallo organic whole wheat shells with homemade pasta sauce + parmesan cheese. Organic whole wheat & sourdough bread with olive oil butter. Pinot grigio }

Comfort food to the max! Growing up an italian, nothing screams home to me more than a big bowl of comforting pasta. This was even my mom's amazing homemade sauce that I had frozen. SO GOOD. Gotta have some doughy bread to soak up the extra sauce of course, and what is pasta if there isn't wine involved? This meal made my belly + soul happy.


Well there you have it! Another WIAW post in the books.

What is your ultimate "healthy" comfort food?


  1. Oats usually aren't so attractive are they?! But they taste so good and yours sound like they were amazing. I love that you eat so much salmon! Excellent source of Omega 3's! I must start cooking it more frequently...I like it, but my husband isn't the biggest fan.

    -Katie H (littl3rabbit on IG...just so you know who I am ;)

    1. Hey Katie!

      So true it is hard to get good pictures of oats. The thing is, I could make them look pretty but I am usually too hungry + impatient to do so, or am rushing for work! haha.

      I used to have the same issue with my boyfriend not liking salmon! For a while, I would just pick up a white fish (talapia) for him, salmon for me, which worked perfectly because I cooked both the same way.
      I eventually got him to love it when I prepared it certain ways. He loves my balsamic coated salmon that has a ton of flavor! :)


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