Wednesday, October 7, 2015

WIAW #3 - A full day of eats!

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Hey guys! Half way to the weekend :) I finally remembered to document everything I ate yesterday,

so here it is! 

For those of you who don't know what it is, it is a post concept developed by the wonderful Peas And Crayons blog in which you simply post what you ate in any given day (not necessarily that Wednesday).
Enjoy :)

{ 1 cup carrot juice + Oat bran & rolled oats cooked with unsweetened vanilla almond milk, sea salt, stevia, cinnamon, pumpkin pie spice, tsp coconut oil. Mango + banana mixed in. Topped with more natural peanut butter + Side of coffee with stevia & unsweetened cashew milk }

Love having my oatmeal in a almost empty nut butter jar! The sides get all melty and I get a little bit in each bite. I have been having 1 cup carrot juice every afternoon or morning before breakfast. I will be doing a post very soon on the benefits :) I find I prefer drinking it on an empty stomach because it gives me a fast boost of energy! Another reason why I need a juicer...

{ Collard wraps stuffed with tuna, Ithaca dill + lemon hummus, Avocado, Cucumber + Red pepper.
Plus the rest of the avocado on the side }

I have been loving these raw collard green wraps and Itacha hummus! This hummus is the best i've ever tasted, you can check them out here. Unfortunately, both days of eating this my mouth + ears have gotten tingly/itchy right after eating it, I am guessing a oral allergy to raw collard greens!? I never have them, so I know if I would have experienced this before. 

{ Apple + Natural peanut butter }

Classic snack! I surprisingly have not had this in ages. It hit the spot and gave me energy for my evening work out. I for some reason got a irritating headache right after eating this...pesticides?! I do not know. Maybe I just think too much ;)

{ Grilled italian chicken + Maple roasted acorn squash }

I was on my own for dinner tonight and had chicken marinating in the fridge for days, so I made this simple but delicious dinner! Chicken comes out amazing after marinating for 24+ hours and grilling always makes the best chicken in my opinion. I made the acorn squash last week by chopping it up (very difficult) so decided to simply roast it cut in half & eat it with a spoon. It came out SO good! I usually have some type of greens with my dinner, but if I load up on them at lunch most days then I don't stress about it.

{ Microwaved homemade vegan brownie from the freezer +
dark chocolate with unsweetened Silk cashew milk }

Many times I am full from dinner but sometimes I love having something sweet to top it off! I grabbed one of my vegan brownies from the freezer (made with dates, oat flour, banana...) and some dark chocolate after that :) If you've never tried Silk cashew milk you need to, it is super creamy + the unsweetened still has a sweet light taste!



Do you have any oral food allergies to raw foods?

What is your favorite "healthy" dessert?


  1. I love eating oatmeal out of an almost empty peanut butter jar!! It's soo good :) Also, apple and peanut butter is possibly the best snack ever! My favorite healthy dessert is dark chocolate!

    1. I'd have to agree, definitely the only upside of finishing a jar ;) Dark chocolate is definitely one of my favorites too! So much more satisfying than other treats.

  2. I've wanted to try raw collard wraps for a while now! I'm going to have to get on that. They look like they hold together really well? Unfortunate about the discomfort/itchiness though.. and the headache after the apple... hope its nothing major. Even when I'm super full I HAVE to end my night in something sweet... aka. chocolate.

    1. Hey Lilly! Yes, the collard wraps hold up SUPER well! They have a great crunch to them too. It's definitely nothing major, people get headaches here & there all the time and they always go away ;) I agree with you on the chocolate! I often have a sweet tooth too, and nothing hits the spot like super dark chocolate does!

  3. I get itchy behind my ears and on my neck when I eat too much sugar! It's a bummer you experience this reaction to certain raw foods...collard wraps are so good! I love making healthy desserts; specifically chocolate plantain muffins. But I also love extra dark chocolate or a spoonful of any nut butter.

    Katie H


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